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  • Voltage-gated K +currents with distinct electrophysiological and pharmacological properties are present in granulosa cells (GC), and modulate resting membrane potential [ 4 12 13 16 17 ] . Furthermore, selective antagonism of GC K +channels with distinct molecular correlates, electrophysiological properties and expression patterns can influence differentially GC proliferation, steroidogenic capability, and apoptosis [ 17 18 ] . Our laboratory has previously identified two distinct delayed rectifier K +currents in pig GC: a slow current (I Ks ) associated with channels formed by co-assembly of KCNQ1 pore-forming and KCNE1 accessory proteins, and an ultra-rapid current (I Kur ) formed by co-assembly of KCNA pore-forming and KCNAB accessory proteins [ 4 ] . Moreover, we have shown that selective block of I Ks enhances basal progesterone synthesis, while complete block of both I Ks and I Kur accelerates apoptosis [ 18 ] .

  • Alterations in p53 were related to accretions of apoptotic/internucleosomal DNA cleavage sites [ 13 ] , the oxidative DNA stress marker 8-oxoguanine [ 14 ] , the survival protein Bcl-2 [ 15 ] , and base-excision repair polymerase β [ 16 ] . Corpora lutea were evaluated for progesterone and steroidogenic cell and vascular compositions.

  • Luteal progesterone and tissue areas occupied by blood vessels and large and small steroidogenic cells were similar between groups.

  • These compounds can activate some nuclear receptors including steroidogenic factor 1 [ 44 ] and LXR, which may be partially responsible for their biological activities [ 45 46 ] . Cholesterol oxides are inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase, the key enzyme of cholesterol biosynthesis pathway [ 47 ] . The ability to bind to an intracellular receptor, oxysterol binding protein, may be responsible for their inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis [ 48 49 ] . It should be noted that addition of cholesterol does not prevent cholesterol oxide induced cell death, which leads to the suggestion that inhibition of cholesterol synthesis is not the cause of cholesterol oxide induced PCD [ 50 51 ] . The critical events that result in cholesterol oxide induced cytotoxicity remain to be determined.

  • The microvasculature of the CL is thought to be the first structure to undergo degeneration via apoptosis during luteolysis [ 2 8 ] . In contrast to information available on steroidogenic cells of the CL, a gap exists in our understanding of the factors and their associated signaling pathways that initiate apoptosis in the vascular component of the CL.

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