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  • At a cellular level, the activation of one or more signaling networks often leads to coordinated changes in gene expression, via the regulated activity and binding of transcription factors to transcription control regions (TCRs) of genes (for example, enhancers and upstream activating sequences).

  • Proteasome activity is required for germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) in starfish and toad oocytes [ 44 45 ] and for activating Xenopus oocytes [ 45 46 ] . Also, proteasomes are needed for regulating centrosome segregation [ 38 47 ] , kinetochore structure [ 39 ] , and sister chromatid cohesion and separation [ 48 ] . When rat oocytes were exposed to the proteasome inhibitor MG132, proteasomes translocated to the meiotic spindle, MPF activity was sustained, and oocytes were arrested in MI with partially segregated chromosomes [ 42 ] .

  • The protein product of this gene is a member of the activating protein-1 (AP-1) family [ 19 ] , which upon binding to either c-fos or fos B protein form a complex that have high affinity to AP-1 binding concensus sequence [ 20 ] . A wide variety of chemicals, including growth factors, and tumor promotors increase the expression of this gene in various cell types [ 21 ] . Compared to untransfected keratinocytes, JunB-transfected cells grew more rapidly, and were highly invasive in an in vitro assay [ 22 ] . Therefore, the increased hepatic levels of junB gene, in mice treated with RU486, was expected to reflect an uncontrolled hepatocellular growth in these animals.

  • Since (K395A/3F)Syk has an activating effect on endogenous wildtype Syk, we propose that (K395A/3F)Syk is a dominant-positive molecule.

  • On the basis of a simple two-state model, one might predict an increased affinity of the agonist for the mutant form, but in our studies binding of the agonist, unlike the antagonist, is not affected by the activating mutation, suggesting that a more complex model requiring two binding sites and perhaps multiple active conformations is needed to account for the observations.

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