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How can you use “activates” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • For example, deletion of aIIb cytoplasmic tail completely removes the clasp and permanently activates the receptor (O'Toole et al.

  • In mammals, this family of K +channels activates at potentials considerably more positive than observed in other K +channel types; these channels have the ability to produce currents that can specifically enable fast repolarization of action potentials without compromising spike initiation or height [ 21 ] . Also, these channels are localized at specialized regions in mammalian brain associated with higher-order cognitive functions, such as the thalamus and cortex [ 22 ] . Furthermore, Kv3 channel sequence identities are lower between Drosophila and mammals than are other K +-channel types.

  • As noted above, CORT/GR binding both activates specific gene expression and transrepresses NF-κB [ 47 ] . To repress NF-κB, the GR associates through protein-protein interactions with NF-κB bound at κB response elements [ 44 45 46 47 ] . The precise relationship between decreased NF-κB-mediated transcription and a decreased GR protein expression is unclear.

  • The observation that LRP5ΔN activates the Wnt/Wg signaling pathway in a Dsh-independent manner [ 14 ] , and our data with overexpressed LRP6ΔN and LRP6, further support this proposal.

  • Cdc14 subsequently dephosphorylates (and thereby activates) proteins involved in Sic1 expression (Swi5) and C1b degradation (Hct1/Cdh1) [ 19 41 50 ] , thereby eliminating mitotic Cdk activity and promoting exit from mitosis.

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