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  • 1991), whereas a particular disease mutation may only impair the clasp and partially activate the receptor (Peyruchaud et al.

  • To interpret the results of the competition binding studies, we assume that the mutation in Smo act, like those in constitutively activate mutants of other GPCRs [ 29 ] , indirectly influences ligand binding by creating a change in the normal equilibrium between the different conformations of Smo.

  • In contrast, dark-grown seedlings undergo skotomorphogenesis (or etiolation), typified by elongated hypocotols and closed cotyledons [ 1 ] . COP1 was first identified through genetic screens as a negative regulator of light regulated development in Arabidopsis [ 2 ] . Arabidopsis cop1 mutant seedlings are constitutively photomorphogenic even when grown in the dark, and the severe cop1 mutants cause lethality in the late seedling stage, indicating that COP1 is essential for plant development [ 2 3 ] . Arabidopsis COP1 (Arabidopsis thaliana COP1, AtCOP1) is essential for the proteasome-dependent degradation of two transcription factors, HY5 and HYH [ 4 5 ] . These two homologous bZIP-type transcription factors directly interact with AtCOP1 and are capable of binding to light-responsive promoters to activate the transcription of many target genes [ 5 6 ] . Genome wide micro-array analysis shows that AtCOP1 regulates most, if not all, of the light-responsive genes under various light conditions [ 7 8 ] , substantiating the notion that AtCOP1 functions as a crucial developmental switch through targeting key transcription factors for degradation, thereby controlling the light-responsive gene expression and photomorphogenic development.

  • Members of the Ets family of transcription factors share a unique DNA binding domain, the Ets domain, and have been shown to activate a large number of genes [ 42 43 ] and to be involved in a number of physiological and pathophysiological processes [ 44 ] . There has been accumulating evidence that Ets proteins play an important part for the invasive program of cells, particularly by stimulating the expression of protease genes [ 45 46 ] . Ets1 and Ets2 are overexpressed in a variety of tumors, including breast carcinomas ( [ 44 ] and references therein).

  • IL-2 has direct effects on immune cells carrying the IL-2 receptor, which in turn release soluble factors and/or activate other cells by cell-cell interactions.

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