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How can you use “activate” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Interestingly, the IFN response requires long dsRNA [ 5 6 ] , and it has been conjectured that the improved specificity of the 21-nucleotide long dsRNA in cultured mammalian cells is probably due to their inability to activate the IFN response [ 2 ] . We provide several lines of direct and indirect evidence that the dsRNAs described here did not activate a general IFN response.

  • The inhibition of SNIP1 on CBP/p300 is considered to act through its interaction with the C/H1 domain of CBP/p300, thereby blocking the recruitment of CBP/p300 by other transcription factors including Smad4 [ 25 ] . Such an inhibition is counteracted by the ability of Smad4 to compete off SNIP1 from CBP/p300 [ 25 ] . So at early phase of Smad activation, although SNIP1 is still bound to Smad1 and Smad4, it is no longer directly bound to CBP/p300, which now can activate transcription.

  • In their resting state, integrins normally bind the molecules that activate them with low affinity.

  • Although metabolic genes such as ketohexokinase, adenosine deaminase, and spermidine synthase detected by SSHDD assay per se do not directly activate of EC, it is likely that they could represent a component of the "angiogenic switch".

  • We show that this domain is also present in the bacteria, and present evidence that these two domains are likely to function together both in eukaryotes and bacteria, and activate a diverse set of downstream signals.

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