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How can you use “activate” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Even though H 2 O 2 did not increase PPARγ protein expression significantly as indicated in the previous study, experiments were performed to determine whether PPARγ agonists could activate the existing PPARγ thus preventing H 2 O 2 induced cytotoxicity in RPE cells.

  • With the discovery of the T cell antigen receptor (TCR) in 1983 [ 20 21 22 ] it was possible to demonstrate that the first signal is delivered via antigenic activation of the TCR [ 12 ] . Subsequently, discovery of accessory "co-stimulatory" molecule expression by "helper" T cells (Th), revealed that activation solely of the TCR itself was insufficient to fully activate IL-2 gene expression and T cell proliferation.

  • Taken together, our data indicate that RSV, in contrast to the cytokine TNFα, activate NF-κB and chemokine gene expression through a redox sensitive NF-κB signaling pathway involving predominately Rel A.

  • Cyp 1 transcription is activated when cytosolic hydrocarbons activate the Ah receptor which then translocates to the nucleus and heterodimerizes with Arnt, leading to binding to an upstream xenobiotic response element on Cyp 1. Cyps 2-4 are induced through nuclear hormone receptors.

  • After transduction with Ad5.UbP.GFP or Ad5.CMV5.GFP without PMA/ionomycin, the GFP positive and the GFP negative fractions of CD4 +cells were both CD62L high and CD25 low, confirming that the cells were initially of a resting phenotype and that adenoviral transduction did not activate them.

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