Example sentences for: accumulation

How can you use “accumulation” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Economic resources, whether measured by income levels or by asset accumulation, may be proxies for many other pathways to improved health.

  • However, another possible mechanism for the cCAF-induced FN accumulation could be linked to an increase in TN.

  • Nuclear accumulation of GR-GFP was also observed when the expression of PP5 was suppressed by treatment with ISIS 15534 after ~ 24 hours.

  • One might expect that the accumulation of the huge linears may correlate with the capacity for recombination repair that reconstitutes a circular form.

  • AtCOP1 contains three conserved structural domains: a RING finger at the amino terminus, a coiled-coil domain in the middle, and a carboxyl-terminal WD40 repeat domain [ 9 10 ] . Each of the three conserved domains has been shown to mediate protein-protein interactions [ 11 12 13 ] . The subcellular localization of AtCOP1 is regulated by light in a tissue specific manner [ 14 15 ] . The hypocotyl cell nuclei contain high levels of COP1 in the dark and reduced levels in the light, suggesting that the nucleocytoplasmic partitioning of AtCOP1 is adjusted by a light-responsive mechanism [ 14 16 ] . The activity of AtCOP1 is at least in part regulated by its subcellular localization, as the degradation of HY5 is dependent upon the nuclear accumulation of AtCOP1 in the dark [ 4 ] . AtCOP1 was demonstrated to carry a single, bipartite nuclear localization signal located between the coiled-coil domain and the WD-40 domain (amino acid 294-314) and a cytoplasmic localization signal, which was mapped to a region partially overlapping with the RING finger and the coiled-coil domain (amino acid 67-117) [ 17 ] . Strikingly, AtCOP1 protein forms characteristic nuclear speckles when transiently expressed in onion epidermal cells or stably expressed in transgenic Arabidopsis [ 6 18 ] . The functional role of these speckles is currently unknown; however, a subnuclear localization signal consisting of 58 residues (amino acid 120-177) is required for their formation [ 19 ] .

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