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  • Mutations do eventually accumulate on the non-miRNA-encoding arm, and orthologous pre-miRNAs from more diverged species will often preserve only the 21-24 nucleotide mature miRNA itself.

  • Interestingly, Rab24 has been implicated as a possible mediator of autophagy in a recent study where wild-type GFP-Rab24 was observed to accumulate on large autophagic vacuoles in cells subjected to amino acid starvation [ 43 ] . Thus, if Rab24(D123I) functions as a true dominant suppressor of endogenous Rab24, the inclusions observed in the present study may consist of misfolded endogenous proteins that cannot be degraded because basal activity of the autophagosome-lysosome pathway is blocked.

  • We found that large, non-circular forms of the chromosome accumulate in varying amounts in various recombination-defective mutants of Escherichia coli .

  • An important role of Chl b was further revealed by experiments in which newly synthesized LHCPs were detected by pulse-labeling in Chl b -less mutant plants but the proteins were not recovered in chloroplasts isolated from these plants [ 4 ] . These Chl b -less plants did not accumulate several of the LHCPs, in particular Lhcb1, Lhcb6 and Lhca4 [ 5 ] . Chl b was not detected in plants exposed to intermittent light (cycles of 2 min of light and 98 min of darkness), which accumulated only small amounts of Chl a and thylakoid membranes [ 6 7 ] . Wild-type plants treated in this way accumulated only one LHCP (Lhcb5), while Chl b -less mutants exposed to intermittent light lacked all LHCPs [ 8 ] . In complementary fashion, Chl b did not accumulate when synthesis of LHCPs was inhibited [ 9 ] . When bean plants exposed to intermittent light were treated with chloramphenicol to inhibit synthesis of proteins on chloroplast ribosomes, Chl

  • Although an individual household can tap the increased value of its assets to finance additional consumption or accumulate other assets by selling an asset to another household, the transaction itself shifts ownership of the existing asset and does not generate new economic output.

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