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How can you use “accumulating” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Some studies also indicate that estrogen receptors reside on the plasma membrane and modulate cellular activity without directly associating with DNA [ 16 ] . Human ERβ is encoded by 477 amino acids (~52 kDa) and has substantial homology to ERα (66 kDa) [ 17 18 ] . Although both estrogen receptors (ERs) can be expressed in various estrogen-sensitive tissues and cells, evidence is accumulating that their expression varies during cellular proliferation and differentiation [ 19 ] . It appears quite clear today that ERβ has biological roles that are distinct from those of ERα, and certain results indicate that ERβ can have effects opposite to those of the ERα [ 20 21 ] .

  • Nevertheless, results from several recent studies have converged on a set of genes that appear to play an important role in regeneration, and evidence is accumulating that suggests some of these genes may function to control regenerative cellular plasticity.

  • Mefloquine has been found to alter calcium flux, into and out of, isolated skeletal muscle and brain microsomes, via an inhibitory effect of the compound on the ER calcium pump and calcium release channels (IC 50 of 42-43 uM, [ 27 28 ] ). Plasma mefloquine concentrations (therapeutic dosing) may reach 21 μM [ 18 ] and the drug crosses the blood-brain barrier, accumulating to concentrations in excess of 50 and 90 μM in the brains of humans and rats respectively [ 19 20 ] . Therefore, these biochemical effects occur at concentrations within a relevant physiological range.

  • Although cytokines are traditionally associated with peripheral immune reactions as part of the innate response, evidence is accumulating that they may also be involved in normal brain function and may mediate pathological responses such as hyperalgesia [ 26 27 ] . In fact, the abundance of MIF in glia of the spinal cord is particularly interesting since glial cells have been suggested as involved in hyperalgesia through the release of cytokines and other substances [ 28 ] . Given the presence of MIF in the pelvic organs (bladder, prostate) and the central and peripheral nervous system tissues that innervate these organs, as well as the fact that bladder inflammation appears to upregulate MIF in these areas, it is possible that MIF represents a therapeutic target in reducing or preventing pelvic viscera inflammation.

  • The idea that a country founded upon high-flown principles has come to care more about fame, money, and accumulating stuff than about the principles has long been galling to those who hold the principles dear.

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