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  • Although cytokines are traditionally associated with peripheral immune reactions as part of the innate response, evidence is accumulating that they may also be involved in normal brain function and may mediate pathological responses such as hyperalgesia [ 26 27 ] . In fact, the abundance of MIF in glia of the spinal cord is particularly interesting since glial cells have been suggested as involved in hyperalgesia through the release of cytokines and other substances [ 28 ] . Given the presence of MIF in the pelvic organs (bladder, prostate) and the central and peripheral nervous system tissues that innervate these organs, as well as the fact that bladder inflammation appears to upregulate MIF in these areas, it is possible that MIF represents a therapeutic target in reducing or preventing pelvic viscera inflammation.

  • The NYT depicts the U.N. report as striking in its institutional candor: Although commissioned by the current Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, the report criticizes him and his predecessor, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, for failing to take decisive action as the peacekeeping troops on the ground in Rwanda reported back about the Hutu militia's plans for ethnic attacks against Tutsis and about their accumulating weapons caches towards that end.

  • The WKY rat also carries this mutation and a high dietary intake of phytosterols will also increase the blood pressure and decrease the density of platelets, though to a lower extent than that observed in SHRSP rats [ 20 ] . These data support a pathological role of elevated plant sterols in these rats and support the notion that the STSL loci evolved to not only allow for the excretion of cholesterol into bile, but also to keep 'xeno-sterols' from accumulating in the body.

  • Attention business reporters: Get a head start accumulating the clichés demanded by the new European monetary system.

  • Phorbol esters are often used as activators of PKC to investigate the role of the kinase in cellular functions [ 1 ] . Accumulating lines of evidence indicates that PMA plays a complex role in regulation of cellular function, including PKC-dependent [ 18 19 20 ] and PKC-independent ways [ 23 24 21 ] . In the present results, PMA inhibited slow membrane depolarization and action potentials in response to glucose stimulation (Fig.

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