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How can you use “accurately” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • We assumed the direct labeling dataset to most accurately represent the true distribution of species in the Alu I and Rsa I digests, since no amplification was required to obtain these data.

  • However, laboratory life cycle tests may not accurately estimate the "safe" concentration of toxicants because they are conducted with a limited number of species under highly controlled, steady state conditions, and the results do not include the effects of the stresses to which the organisms would ordinarily be exposed in the natural environment.

  • Similarly, OCP ligation/ERCA can be used to accurately genotype PCR products in a biallelic format, where the probes for both alleles are present in a single reaction [ 3 ] . The OCP ligation/ERCA method is based on ligation dependent circularization of allele specific DNA probes followed by exponential rolling circle amplification of the circularized probes [ 4 5 ] . ERCA probes have also been variously described as 'padlock probes' [ 6 7 ] or 'circularizable probes' [ 4 ] . Although OCP ligation/ERCA can be used to genotype PCR products, it also provides a means for directly genotyping genomic DNA without requiring an initial amplification of the genomic DNA locus.

  • Responses about projected behavior under hypothetical scenarios involving a smallpox release are perhaps not reliable, as the level and effect of panic likely cannot be accurately imagined.

  • Thus, although GC content only explains the variance in usage of some codons and some amino acids, we can accurately predict which codons and amino acids will show clear responses and, for those that do show clear responses, accurately predict their frequencies in particular genomes (for example, Figure 1shows an example of a codon for which 85% of the variance in usage is explained by genome GC content, and an amino acid for which 79% of the variance is explained).

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