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How can you use “phosphorylation” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • This phosphorylation was required for the RA mediated differentiation of F9 cells into parietal endoderm [ 8 ] . These studies point to the importance of phosphorylation in the proper functioning of RARs.

  • Neither mutation of a conserved lysine in the kinase domain, which rendered Rlk kinase inactive, nor mutation of the Src family kinase phosphorylation site, tyrosine 420, prevented association with the RAFT fraction.

  • In the present study we show that RA, by inhibiting cyclin H and cdk7 expression, reduces phosphorylation of RARα.

  • Despite numerous reported differences, it does appear that diverse GPCRs share common mechanistic themes during ERK stimulation, including the tyrosine-phosphorylation of Shc and its complexing with Grb2, mSOS recruitment, the GTP-loading of Ras, and Raf-1 activation leading to MEK-1 phosphorylation [ 1 ] . However, the progression of each of these downstream events after GPCR stimulation depends first on the tyrosine phosphorylation of a membrane-bound protein that will be used as a scaffold, which will bind the other proteins (e.g.

  • CRY poteins may play a role at steady state levels or there may be post-translational changes in the functioning of CRY proteins in association with sleep deprivation, such as phosphorylation state, ubiquitination [ 38 ] , or intracellular localization [ 46 ] of the protein, all of which are regulated dynamically, at least in vitro . In the liver, CRY protein oscillations are not necessary for circadian oscillations of target transcripts, as CRY proteins are present in excess of PER and oscillations in the latter produce rhythmicity [ 46 ] . A similar situation might exist in the cortex.

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