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  • Crystals were grown by the hanging drop method in which 2 μl of the 7.5 mg/ml dimer solution in 10 mM bis tris propane (pH 8.5) and 200 mM NaCl, were mixed with 2 μl of reservoir solution containing 5% PEG 4000 and 2.0 M ammonium sulfate.

  • The authorities here peg prices to international levels.

  • Memsahib `term of respect for a European lady,' for example, derives from English ma'am and Hindi sahib `sir, master,' a word borrowed by Hindi from Arabic; boxwallah `peddler' combines English box and Hindi wallah `person in charge of a particular thing'; chotapeg `half-sized drink' unites Hindi chota `little, small' and English peg (Anglo-Indian slang since at least 1864 for a drink, especially of brandy and soda water); and shroffage `commission charged for shroffing' combines shroff (an adaptation of Hindi saraf `banker, money-lender,' a word borrowed from Arabic) and the English suffix - age . Combinations of Hindi and Persian elements include:

  • The first person that drank was to empty the tankard to the first peg or pin; the second was to empty to the next pin, &c.; by which means the pins were so many measures to the compotators, making them all drink alike, or the same quantity; and as the distance of the pins was such as to contain a large draught of liquor, the company would be very liable by this method to get drunk, especially when, if they drank short of the pin, or beyond it, they were obliged to drink again.

  • The selected transformants were transformed again with the bait construct Smad1pEG202.

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