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  • Another gene that is commonly used to identify transfected cells, EGFP, was also successfully introduced into sympathetic neurons using PEI (Figure 1D).

  • As the number of protonatable nitrogens on the linear 22 kD ExGen 500 PEI polymer at physiological pH is roughly equal to 5.47 nmol per μg PEI, and 1 μg DNA corresponds to 3 nmol phosphate groups, this means that the peak yield observed was at a PEI nitrogen: DNA phosphate (N/P) ratio of ∼ 9. Thus, the most suitable N/P ratio for in vitro sympathetic neurons appears to be around 9, creating positively charged DNA/PEI complexes [ 17].

  • In our neuronal cultures it appears that the DNA: PEI ratio of 1 μg: 5 μg, or 0.2, which produces complexes that bear a net positive charge, produces the highest yield.

  • Via the endosomal compartment, PEI/DNA complexes travel to the nucleus, whereupon the plasmid DNA is expressed within 5 hours after the initial attachment of the complexes to the cell surface [ 7].

  • This finding underscores the versatility of PEI as a method for introducing genes into postmitotic populations of cells, particularly as our previous efforts to transfect sympathetic neurons using lipid-based reagents (Lipofectamine and Lipofectin) had been unsuccessful.

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