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  • By performing PCR amplification across this region after cutting with the methylation-sensitive enzyme Hpa II, the relative amounts of the methylated AR alleles can be quantitatively determined with a high degree of accuracy; variance on repeated assays is approximately 4% [ 12].

  • 5-5 μg) obtained after two rounds of amplification was labeled in a reverse-transcription reaction in the presence of Cy3-labeled (reference sample) or Cy5 (test sample)-labeled dUTP (Amersham, Piscataway, NJ).

  • 4A, stimulation of microglia with LPS [10 ng/ml] resulted in a time-dependent increase in TNF-α mRNA expression relative to controls as determined by semi-quantitative RT-PCR at the linear range of amplification (20 cycles).

  • Quality control assays demonstrating that whole genome amplification was successful were performed for locus 979 and 1004 as described [ 10 ] , and amplified DNA was used directly in genotyping reactions at the same concentration as the original genomic DNA, typically 200 ng/reaction.

  • Published methods include enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus sequence-PCR (ERIC-PCR), and repetitive intergenic palindromic sequence-PCR (REP-PCR) [ 2 3 ] ; random amplified polymorphic DNA-PCR (RAPD-PCR) or arbitrary primed-PCR (AP-PCR) [ 4 5 ] ; and restriction fragment length polymorphism-PCR (RFLP-PCR) of the omp 2 locus [ 6 7 ] . ERIC-PCR and RAPD-PCR are both affected by assay conditions and environmental effects during the amplification process [ 8 9 10 ] . Although the results are highly reproducible within a laboratory, laboratory-to-laboratory reproducibility has been problematic and thus makes the universal application of these methods unlikely (compare [ 2 ] and [ 3 ] ). RFLP-PCR of the omp 2 locus is not constrained by issues of reproducibility and has been useful for the differentiation of Brucella species [ 6 ] and for differentiation among isolates from marine mammal hosts [ 7 ] . However, as a tool for the epidemiology of brucellosis in livestock, this technique is limited by the low rate of natural sequence divergence within the locus at the biovar level.

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