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  • The adrenal gland was located and excised, with care taken to avoid damage of blood vessels.

  • Chloride channels or chloride ions are known to influence cAMP-stimulated steroidogenesis by adrenal cells [ 29 ] , human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)-stimulated steroidogenesis by amphibian follicle-enclosed oocytes [ 56 ] , as well as LH-stimulated steroidogenesis in rat Leydig cells [ 29 ] , MA-10 cells [ 59 ] , and chicken GC [ 35 ] . In mammalian cells, removal of extracellular chloride stimulates basal and protein kinase A (PKA)-dependent steroid hormone production by increasing the expression of StAR and potentiating the effects of submaximal concentrations of cAMP [ 29 59 ] . The proposed mechanism of action involves chloride efflux, depolarization of the mitochondrial and plasma membranes, and alterations to protein synthesis and cholesterol transport [ 29 59 ] .

  • · In the advancing process from sepsis to septic shock, adrenal insufficiency was not so frequent as supposed.

  • In addition, the maternal GC surge effectively leads to fetal glycogen accumulation in the liver for energy demands at birth, increased fetal bioavailable tri-iodothyronine from thyroxine to allow for an increased metabolic rate and thermogenesis required at birth, maturation of the fetal small gut to prepare for digestion, heightened fetal adrenal medullar catecholamine release for control of the above processes, maturation of fetal kidney function and a switch to bone marrow hematopoiesis from the fetal liver [reviewed by [ 41 ] ]. The timing of this maternal surge suggests that LIFR function is required at this point in development as a moderator of the consequences of excess GC level.

  • It likely had the effect of increasing maternal ACTH levels [ 42 ] that would, in turn, act on the fetal adrenal to synthesize corticosterone.

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