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How can you use “actively” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • To date, the genes that have been shown to be responsive to regulation by FXR encode proteins involved in the biosynthesis and transport of bile acids [ 13 ] . Bile acids have been shown to modulate a variety of other cellular functions, such as secretion of lipoproteins from hepatocytes [ 14 15 ] and translocation of bile acid transporters to the hepatocyte canalicular membrane [ 16 ] . In McNtcp cells, which are liver-derived cells engineered to transport bile acids actively [ 17 ] , taurine-conjugated bile acids induce the formation of intracellular vesicles that resembles structures observed in cholestatic liver cells without apparent cellular cytotoxicity [ 1 18 ] . In contrast, glycine-conjugated bile acids promote apoptosis in these cells [ 19 ] . Thus, different classes of conjugated bile acids stimulate distinctive responses in McNtcp cells.

  • But the coal miners and the energy companies are actively opposed to green taxes, while the broader public that would benefit from them is not actively in support.

  • To qualify for a bonus under his new regulations, states would be required not just to make it easy for families who leave welfare (TANF) to keep getting food stamps, but to actively "encourage food stamp applications even if the TANF application halts."

  • (Unless, of course, those lawyers work for Wired , which is very actively defending its own trademark.)

  • The NYT notes that ice cream mogul Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's is actively campaigning against expansion.

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