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How can you use “permits” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The Commission's interpretation is the only interpretation which comports with the language and legislative history of the presence requirement and which permits full and meaningful representation to aliens eligible for legal assistance consistent with Congress' purpose.

  • 1), and permits controlling for the efficiency of each PCR amplification.

  • Section 307(d)(4)(B)(i) permits EPA to put documents in the rulemaking docket after the comment period is over.

  • Chides New York Mayor Giuliani for taking months to ultimately deny parade permits to his foes while swiftly granting permits to those whose views he endorses.

  • Fas contains a single transmembrane domain and belongs to the tumor necrosis factor (TNF)/nerve growth factor family [ 8 ] . FasL contains a single transmembrane domain and is also a member of the same TNF family [ 9 ] . A soluble form of FasL has been described, but appears to be less capable of inducing apoptosis, when compared with the bound form [ 10 11 ] . The binding of FasL with Fas initiates receptor oligomerization, which recruits Fas-associated death domain (FADD) [ 12 ] . FADD binds procaspase-8 and permits activation of caspase-8 through self-cleavage [ 13 ] . Caspase-8 activates the effector caspases, which commits the cell to the orderly process of apoptosis [ 14 15 ] . In addition, caspase-8 cleaves Bcl-2-interactive-death-agonist (Bid) [ 16 ] . Truncated Bid localizes to the mitochondria and promotes cytochrome c release; this process also serves as a major apoptotic-signaling pathway for Fas [ 16 17 18 ] . Depending upon the amount of caspase-8 that is activated, the predominant pathway can be either Bid cleavage with subsequent mitochondrial release of cytochrome c or activation of the effector caspase pathway [ 18 ] . Resident cells of the kidney express both Fas and FasL and Fas/FasL signaling is functional in these cells [ 19 20 21 22 23 24 ] . A recent review by Ortiz and associates [ 25 ] noted that the combined literature demonstrating participation of Fas/FasL pathway in renal injury essentially fulfilled Koch's postulates.

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