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  • In contrast, sα i2 was not detected at plasma membranes, but instead typically displayed an intracellular and perinuclear staining pattern (Figure 2Band 2D), consistent with localization to intracellular membranes as previously described [ 3 4 ] . The subcellular localization of sα i2 showed overlap in immunofluorescent staining with the Golgi protein, β-COP (Figure 3Aand 3B) and the endoplasmic reticulum protein PDI (Figure 3Cand 3D); localization of sα i2 exclusively to Golgi was not observed, even at the lowest levels of detection.

  • The ability of mefloquine to upregulate the transcription of PDI, GRP78, GRP94 and calreticulin is consistent with this hypothesis.

  • Mefloquine (80 μM) upregulated the transcription of four of five ER resident chaperones, GRP78, PDI, GRP94 and calreticulin, GADD153 and PERK (one way ANOVA P < 0.05, n = 20, FC > 1.3, Table 2).

  • More than 75% (23/31) of the characterized genes within the top 50 genes in this cluster are localized to the ER and participate in various aspects of secretion, including protein folding ( KAR2, LHS1, FKB2, JEM1 ), protein disulfide isomerization ( EUG1, PDI1, ERO1 ), protein glycosylation ( GFA1, PMT3, PMI40, SEC59, WBP1, OST2 ), and forward and retrograde trafficking ( ERD2, ERP1, ERP2, SEC24, SEC13, RET2, RET3, and others [ 21]).

  • Of the spots submitted, a subset matched known chaperones/HSP proteins; these are HSP70, HSP90α, GRP78, GRP94, Calreticulin, Calnexin, PDI, and ORP150, as indicated by labelled arrows in Fig.

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