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  • Also collected in the set for comparison were the previously-described Runx genes from D. melanogaster ( runt and lozenge [ 7 ] ), Caenorhabditis elegans ( run [ 8 ] ), sea urchin ( SpRunt [ 9 10 ] ), T. rubripes ( TrRunx2 [ 11 ] ), and mouse ( Runx1 , Runx2 , and Runx3 ; the three human RUNX genes, which have been extensively characterized previously, are highly similar to their mouse orthologues [ 12 13 ] and hence were not included in the collected set).

  • Runx1 orthologues contain 3. CiRunt contains 5 exons downstream of the Runt domain, while CeRun contains 4. In vertebrates at least, the multiplicity of downstream exons is reflected in a large variety of alternatively spliced transcripts that give rise to multiple protein isoforms that differ in the C-terminal sequences appended to the Runt domain [ 12 13 ] . It is important to note that the C-terminal exon of all Runx genes identified to date encodes the amino acid sequence VWRPY (or the functionally equivalent IWRPF in the case of C. elegans ), which acts as a recruitment motif for the co-repressor Groucho/TLE [ 3 ] . This motif is at the C-terminus within the 3'-most exon of all of the genes, possibly with the exception of CiRunt (where the open reading frame apparently continues beyond the VWRPY in the genome sequence), and was used in our analysis to identify the C-terminal exons of previously uncharacterised Runx genes.

  • Except for the lozenge orthologues, which contain two such exons, all of the insect genes for which complete sequences are available contain only a single exon downstream of the Runt domain.

  • The dsRBM is present in many other proteins that bind dsRNA [ 9 10 ] and is important for RNase III activity in in vitro [ 11 ] . The catalytic domain contains a number of conserved residues, including an 11 amino acid signature motif that is a distinguishing feature of RNase III orthologues.

  • This strategy resulted in the identification of the murine orthologues of EVER1 and EVER2, and four hitherto uncharacterized human and mouse proteins (Figure 1, Table 1).

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