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  • Finally, the three members of the murine TMC subfamily C, Tmc4, Tmc7, and Tmc8 (mouse orthologue of EVER2) are the shortest TMC proteins with 694, 726, and 722 amino acid residues.

  • In this regard, the S. cerevisiae RNase III orthologue Rnt1p not only cleaves the 35 S rRNA precursor within the 3'-ETS [ 27 28 29 ] , but also processes snoRNA and snRNA precursors [ 30 31 32 33 ] . Further biochemical studies are required to identify the RNA targets for mammalian RNase III and to determine its involvement in RNA maturation pathways.

  • Upstream of the Runt domain, TrRunx1 is predicted to have two short introns that are not found in its mouse orthologue ( MmRunx1 ) or in any of the other chordate Runx genes.

  • The second mammalian RNase III orthologue also exhibits a single C-terminal dsRBM and tandem catalytic domains, but is otherwise structurally distinct from Dicer as it lacks the helicase and PAZ domains (Figure 1) [ 18 19 ] . Preliminary evidence indicates that this RNase III orthologue participates in rRNA maturation.

  • The murine TMC subfamily B consists of Tmc5 and Tmc6 (mouse orthologue of EVER1), proteins of 810 and 757 amino acid residues that are 31% identical and share a >92% conservation of the corresponding genes' intron locations within the conserved core region (Figure 3A, 3C, additional file 1).

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