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How can you use “orthologs” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • This protein and its orthologs (direct evolutionary counterparts related by vertical descent from a common ancestor) from the bacteria Thermotoga maritima and Deinococcus radiodurans were identified as 'distant orthologs' of the Bacillus subtilis CysRS by using a computational method specifically designed to detect distantly related orthologs [ 18].

  • • Putative orthologs of BTBD1 and BTBD2 are found in C. elegans (58% identities, 429 residues; 2% gaps, F38H4.

  • RT-PCR and sequencing of the RT-PCR product demonstrated that this 255 nucleotide, 89% GC-rich sequence is present on the BTBD2 mRNA and that it shares predicted polypeptide sequence with BTBD homologues and orthologs.

  • While all bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes encode orthologs of at least four distinct subunits of DDRP, the divergent RNA polymerases of baculoviruses and yeast killer plasmids and the Corynebacterium Cgl1702 protein only contain counterparts to the β and β' subunits.

  • We compared rates of change in archaebacterial versus eubacterial sequences using paralogous sequences (those related by gene duplication) as a root for relative rate tests [ 47 48 ] . To examine rate differences between eukaryotic sequences and their closest prokaryote orthologs (those representing the same gene), we used the more distant prokaryote (archaebacteria or eubacteria) as root.

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