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  • It is perhaps intriguing that when C. psittaci kynureninase (KynU) was used as a query sequence, the top hits returned from BLAST were the KynU orthologs from man and mouse.

  • As an example, we show alignments and RNA folds of the four insect orthologs of 2R:11128979, which all adopt canonical, high-scoring stem-loop structures and collectively display patterns of nucleotide divergence characteristic of genuine miRNAs (preponderance of divergence within the loop, slightly less divergence along a nonconserved arm, and perfect conservation of a putative miRNA-encoding arm) (Figure 6).

  • As long as one of the genomes included in the analyses is properly annotated, only those identified ORFs that are actually homologous to an identified ORF will become part of a quartet of orthologs.)

  • In addition, orthologs of four genes ( CG13029, CG14294, CG12133, CG12378 ) could not be identified in non-melanogaster species except in D. erecta , the species most closely related to D. melanogaster . The absence of these genes is not simply due to insufficient sampling, since in these cases both 5' and 3' neighboring genes could be identified in more divergent species (see Figure 2, for example).

  • 95 [ 41 42 ] [ 43 ] . Trees were constructed from the distance matrices obtained with the above distance estimates using the neighbor-joining method [ 40 ] as implemented in the NEIGHBOR program of the PHYLIP package [ 44 ] . Bootstrap values were estimated by resampling the set of orthologs identified for each pair of genomes 1000 times and reconstructing trees from the distributions of the distances from these resampled sets.

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