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  • Using InterPro Scan via EXPASY, we determined that these few amino acids do not produce any potential phosphorylation sites or protein domains or motifs.

  • Meloidogyne extracellular mappings (15 clusters) were all within the category of SCP/Tpx-1/Ag5/PR-1/Sc7 extracellular proteins (InterPro domain IPR001283) and showed homology to the genes vap-1 from H. glycines and Mi-msp-1 from M. incognita [ 40 41 ] , both venom allergen antigen 5 family members with homologs in numerous nematodes including hookworms and C. elegans [ 42 ] . Categories that particularly contributed to the abundance of ligand-binding/carrier mappings for Meloidogyne included EF-hand calcium binding (22 clusters), RNA recognition motif (18 clusters), and a variety of ATP-binding domains (20 clusters).

  • PH domains are commonly found in signaling proteins [ 22 ] . Additional domains found in this protein (also documented by TAIR as InterPro domains) include FYVE/PHD zinc finger and an RCC1 like domain (a regulator of chromosome condensation), with A and B reliabilities respectively.

  • The GO categorization scheme (go_200205-assocdb.sql) of classification by biological process, cellular component, and molecular function was used to classify clusters based on the existing mappings of InterPro domains to the GO hierarchy [ 36 ] . Mappings were stored in a local MySQL database and displayed using the AmiGO browser (16 May 2002) [ 100 ] ( M. incognita mappings at [ 101 ] ).

  • As with functional proteins, pseudogenes were classified into families using InterPro.

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