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  • Surprisingly, the alanine-scanning mutagenesis results failed to demonstrate amino acids of LcrG involved in the LcrG-LcrV interaction.

  • Therefore, C/EBPβ is a target of a Ras-dependent signaling pathway that regulates its interaction with SRF.

  • Two molecular loci recently have been implicated as potential modulators of GnRH receptor signaling: one is the receptor itself [ 23 ] , and the other is the G protein that transduces the signal generated by binding of the receptor to its agonist [ 9 ] . With respect to the former locus, G protein coupled receptor kinases (GRKs) act in an agonist-specific manner to phosphorylate intracellular regions of the receptor thus permitting β arrestin binding that sterically inhibits G protein association with the receptor [ 1 45 ] . We have reported previously that experimental expression of GRKs in GnRH receptor-expressing heterologous cells (COS-1) suppressed GnRH-stimulated IP 3 production, and that co-expression of GRK2 and β-arrestin 2 suppressed GnRH receptor signaling more than that of either alone [ 23 ] . Stronger evidence that the GRK/β arrestin paradigm may play a role in regulating GnRH receptor signaling is our recent finding that adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of GRK2 into normal pituitary gonadotropes suppressed GnRH-stimulated LH secretion and IP 3 production [ 31 ] . However, no evidence has been presented for a direct interaction between β-arrestin and the GnRH receptor.

  • Estrogen receptors have been identified in cultured fibroblasts of various origins and vascular smooth muscle cells [ 51 52 53 ] . Estrogens enhance proliferation of fibroblasts and inhibit vascular smooth muscle migration [ 54 55 ] . Binding of estrogens to fibroblasts also stimulates fibroblast interaction with epithelial cells with subsequent acceleration of maturation of epithelial cells [ 56 ] .

  • Recently, a few additional residues that are closer to the N-terminus in the PP1 sequence have also been shown to be important in the interaction with I-2 [ 24 ] ; in PfPP1 numbers, these residues are: E52, E54, and D164, E165, K166 (Fig.

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