Example sentences for: interacts

How can you use “interacts” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The catalytic center of tPA interacts with the reactive site of PAI-1 with concominant formation of 1:1 molar, SDS-stable complex.

  • As specialized proteins of the intermediate filament protein family, lamin A/C is found at the inner nuclear membrane where it forms a scaffold that interacts with a network of membrane bound and nucleoplasmic proteins in addition to chromatin [ 3 4 5 ] . Mutations in the gene encoding the nuclear membrane protein emerin produce autosomal recessive Emery Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy, a disorder that phenotypically overlaps the neuromuscular and cardiovascular features seen with lamin A/C mutations [ 6 ] . Consistent with this, lamin A/C directly binds emerin [ 7 8 ] . Lamins A and C are broadly expressed in many different cell types and are primarily expressed in terminally differentiated cells.

  • Although early studies suggested a simple, direct, stoichiometric regulation, more recent data support a more complicated indirect or catalytic model [ 2 ] . And although it has been demonstrated that Hh directly interacts with [ 4 ] and destabilizes [ 5 ] Ptc, the downstream molecular events remain obscure.

  • filamin interacts genetically with presenilin in Drosophila [ 49].

  • Finally, this F-box protein interacts with E2F in vitro.

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