Example sentences for: interacts

How can you use “interacts” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • To gain further details for this model of enzyme action, we are characterizing the protein-protein interactions between the Top67 transesterification domain and the ZD domain, as well as the protein conformational changes that can take place when the enzyme interacts with DNA substrate.

  • In budding yeast, LCD1 Rad26physically interacts with MEC1 Rad3and is phosphorylated by MEC1 Rad3following DNA damage [ 36 37 ] . Likewise, human ATRIP Rad26physically interacts with ATR Rad3and also undergoes DNA damage-dependent phosphorylation by ATR Rad3 [ 35 ] . However, Rad26 is required for Rad3 kinase activity in fission yeast [ 18 ] , but LCD1 Rad26is not required for MEC1 Rad3kinase activity [ 38 ] while ATRIP Rad26is required for normal ATR Rad3expression [ 35 ] . Thus, the role of the Rad26-related proteins can differ among organisms.

  • These data support our hypothesis that Y142 interacts with the distal piperazine nitrogen of lerisetron.

  • The harder something is the less it is influenced by other things, the less it interacts.

  • 3H, Clone 54C, accession# AI401257), contains 9 Armadillo' repeats and interacts with the smg GDS protein through these repeats.

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