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  • In the lens, alpha-crystallin also associates with type III intermediate filament proteins and the beaded filament proteins CP49 and CP115, and correct beaded filament assembly has been shown depend on the presence of alpha-crystallin [ 16 ] . Beaded filament mRNA levels are greatly increased in differentiating lens epithelium and have been suggested as a pan-specific marker for lens fiber development [ 17 ] . Alpha-crystallin has also been shown to interact directly with DNA [ 18 ] . In transfected CHO cells, alphaB has also been shown to ectopically localize to interphase nuclei, suggesting a role for this protein in the nucleus [ 19 ] . A nuclear role for alphaB in the lens was supported by the findings that a subset of lens epithelial cells derived from alphaB knockout mice demonstrated hyperproliferation and genomic instability [ 20 ] . In addition, the administration of exogenous alpha-crystallin to primary bovine lens epithelial cell cultures resulted in the formation of lentoid bodies, consistent with a role for these proteins in lens differentiation [ 21 ] . These findings indicate that alpha-crystallin may have a multitude of in vivo functions.

  • The wild type N 102LTwas not expected to interact with SecB as it would fold very rapidly and stably; it was more surprising that no interaction was detected between SecB and the destabilized LA57-N 102LT.

  • In general, they regulate how cells interact with each other and with the extra-cellular matrix.

  • Any pair of sticky end interactions will position the two DX molecules in a conformation such that no other sticky ends from these two molecules are in sufficient proximity to interact.

  • Even Word's online Help (in recent versions an annoying talking paper clip that many people quite rightly refuse to interact with) doesn't seem to know about some things the program can do.

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