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  • For example, Herschlag and co-workers have previously shown that a nucleobase could complement an abasic site within the hammerhead ribozyme, restoring cleavage activity [ 1 ] . Similarly, Porta and Lizardi engineered a hammerhead ribozyme that assumed an inactive secondary structure; upon the addition of an oligonucleotide that disrupted the engineered secondary structure, the ribozyme was activated [ 2 ] . More recently, it has previously been shown that many selected nucleic acid binding species (aptamers) undergo conformational changes upon ligand binding [ 3 4 5 6 ] In addition, when aptamers are conjoined to ribozymes, the ligand-induced conformational changes in the aptamers frequently modulate the structures and hence the activities of the ribozymes [ 7 8 9 ] For example, binding of theophylline to the anti-theophylline aptamer [ 10 ] modulates the conformation of residue [ 11 12 ] and the overall stability of the aptamer [ 10 13 ] . Appending the anti-theophylline aptamer to the hammerhead ribozyme allowed cleavage activity to be modulated by 110-fold by theophylline [ 13 ] . Similarly, appending the anti-theophylline aptamer to a small ribozyme ligase (L1) generated an aptazyme that was activated 1,600-fold by saturating theophylline concentrations [ 14 ] .

  • All those with a K i (MAO-B) larger than 5 μM were entered as "inactive".

  • Resting blood flow and post exercise hyperemia was similar in elderly compared to younger subjects [ 20 ] . Blood flow responses to single limb exercise have also been preserved in older individuals [ 21 22 ] . Discrepancies in aging effects on muscle blood flow may be due to the use of active [ 18 ] or inactive subjects [ 13 ] . In addition, it is not clear whether the age related changes in blood flow were a result of reduced cardiac output during whole body exercise or reduced local vascular capacity.

  • The presence of a dominant-positive effect under these conditions suggests that the Syk kinase is kept inactive in resting cells by an active suppression mechanisms, which is disrupted by the presence of the (K395A/3F)Syk mutant.

  • This was not an artefact of the ER domain, since non-tagged kinase inactive Btk could also restore BCR-induced calcium flux (data not shown).

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