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  • The sequence immediately flanking the dnaA gene is considered the origin of chromosomal replication, or oriC region [ 9 10 ] . This region contains several genes that encode proteins required for basic cellular functions, including the protein subunit of RNase P (RnpA), ribosomal protein L34 (RpmH), the replication initiator protein (DnaA), the beta subunit of DNA polymerase III (DnaN), the recombination repair protein RecF, and the DNA gyrase proteins GyrA and GyrB.

  • The B-subunit of DNA polymerase is encoded by dnaN . The recF gene product is involved in recombination, DNA repair, and induction of the SOS response, and may also have a role in replication [ 17 ] . Bacterial DNA gyrase, a tetramer consisting of A and B subunits, catalyzes the ATP-dependent unwinding of covalently closed circular DNA [ 18 ] . The remaining predicted ORFs in this region have high similarity to hypothetical proteins from M. tuberculosis (Table 1).

  • The fast growing M. smegmatis species contains a gnd sequence between dnaN and recF , which is absent in the slow-growing mycobacteria (Fig.

  • The M. smegmatis coding sequence, gnd , has similarity to the 6-phophogluconate dehydrogenase genes in E. coli , but the mycobacterial protein is predicted to be about 200 amino acids shorter than the E. coli homolog . The length of non-coding intergenic regions between rpmH - dnaA and dnaA - dnaN is well conserved among the bacteria shown in figure 2. In many bacteria where a functional oriC has been identified, this gene order is conserved and oriC is adjacent to the dnaA gene [ 9 10 19 ] .

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