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  • unknown, but it may have a role in cell division [ 11 ] . RNase P, which consists of the protein subunit RnpA and a catalytic RNA subunit, is essential for generating mature tRNAs by cleaving the 5'-terminal leader sequences of precursor tRNAs [ 16 ] . rpmH encodes ribosomal protein L34, and DnaA is the initiator protein for chromosome replication.

  • Beginning with nucleotide number 1 in the dnaA coding region of each genome, a comparison of 2 million bases of M. paratuberculosis with 2 million bases from M. avium by Pustell DNA matrix analysis [ 25 ] , indicates that genomic similarity continues outside the surrounding oriC region (Fig.

  • The Gram-positive organisms in this study harbor 10 - 30 DnaA boxes (with 1 - 3 mismatches from the consensus sequence TTGTCCACA) flanking the dnaA sequence [ 8 20 21 22 23 ] and 35 were found surrounding the M. paratuberculosis dnaA gene (Fig.

  • The oriC of Gram-positive bacteria typically contains 10 - 30 of these DnaA boxes, often found in non-coding regions flanking the dnaA gene.

  • The significance of additional dnaA boxes in M. paratuberculosis is likely necessary to open the DNA helix of this GC rich organism (69% GC content).

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