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How can you use “digestion” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • To generate pGaL4-hCCR4, a fragment corresponding to the entire hCCR4 coding sequence (with the exception of the initiation codon) was obtained upon digestion of the KIAA1194 cDNA (accession number AB033020, gift from the Kazusa Research Institute, putative start codon -Met 19-positioned by homology with mCCR4) by Sph I and Msc I (nt 423 to 2172 in KIAA1194), and was inserted in-frame into the pGaL4PolyII vector opened by Xho I, after Klenow treatment of both vector and insert.

  • These two enzymes are rare eight base pair cutters and result in sticky ends upon digestion and can be used to excise the entire construct, for insertion into the plasmid with the ROSA26 genomic arms.

  • Clonality was further confirmed and X chromosome inactivation status was determined by the length of the polymorphic CAG trinucleotide repeat on the inactive androgen receptor allele [ 21 22 ] . Restriction digestion of four restriction sites between the flanking primers and adjacent to the trinucleotide repeat were carried out with the methylation sensitive enzymes HpaII and HhaI.

  • For genotyping of the DRD4 C to T change at position -521 as described in [ 34 ] . Forward: 5'-CGGGGGCTGAGCACCAGAGGCTGCT-3' and Reverse 5'-GCATCGACGCCAGCGCCATCCTACC-3' were used followed by digestion with FspI.

  • After PCR amplification with exon-20-specific primers spanning nucleotide 2369, wild-type sequence contains specific NlaIII sites, which upon digestion yield a 106-bp product (see Methods; Figure 3A).

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