Example sentences for: agonism

How can you use “agonism” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Clinically, xorphanol is a well tolerated, orally active analgesic that provides effective pain relief but shows low physical dependence liability [ 29 30 ] . It is possible that the low physical dependence liability of this drug is due to its partial agonism at μ opioid receptors.

  • All other ligands studied showed agonism at μ opioid receptor with varying maximal effects or efficacies ranging from 29% - 71% (Table 1).

  • Agonism

  • For example some investigators have suggested that opioid ligands with agonism at μ opioid receptors and antagonism at δ opioid receptors are potentially useful analgesics [ 5 6 7 ] . In cases where the medicinal effect of a drug is mediated through the same opioid receptor type that also elicits the side effects, the use of drugs with mixed activity could be most beneficial [ 7 ] . In such a case, interaction with one receptor could reverse the unwanted side effects associated with activation of the other receptor.

  • (3) These in vitro data can be utilized to define the physiochemical features of the ligands defining agonism and antagonism at δ opioid receptors, leading to design and discovery of novel opioid analgesics.

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