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How can you use “agonists” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • For example, upon intraventricular injection, 5-HT 2C agonists decrease the production of CSF [ 44 ] and in primary cultures of choroid plexus, 5-HT agonists increase the expression of transferrin [ 45 46 ] , an iron carrier protein which has trophic effects on the brain.

  • Thus in physiological pathways where inhibition of adenylyl cyclase mediates the activity of μ opioid receptors, these drugs will act as agonists at μ opioid receptors.

  • Other dopamine (DA) agonists do not provide adequate therapeutical response [ 3 ] . Thus, multidrug therapy is usually often used.

  • This is less likely to be the case with agonists since they must produce a conformational change in the protein to exert their effects.

  • In addition to the binding sites for natural or endogenous agonists (orthosteric sites), many GPCRs have also been found to have allosteric sites [ 35 ] . These sites can bind natural ligands, as in the case of Zn ions and heparin for the dopamine and neurokinin receptors, respectively, or bind synthetic drugs such gallamine, in the case of the muscarinic receptors [ 35 ] . Binding of small molecules to these allosteric sites can modulate activity of a receptor without directly mimicking or competing out the interaction of ligands to the orthosteric sites.

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