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  • Physical dependence, evidenced by the development of a withdrawal syndrome when a medication is suddenly withdrawn, is not evidence of addition [ 30 ] . Similar outcomes occur in the presence of exogenous hormones and other medications that act through cellular receptors (eg, estrogens, beta-blockers, alpha-2 agonists, caffeine, etc.).

  • Biophore #11 describes agonists that possess only one hydroxyl, in meta-position (preclamol, RU-24213, RU-24926, etc).

  • Furthermore, the EP 2 selective agonists butaprost free acid and AH13205 competed for [ 3H]PGE 2 binding with K i values of 3-7 μM and 3-4 μM, respectively, suggesting this receptor is the rabbit EP 2 receptor [ 20 21 ] .

  • 2 , PGF 2α , iloprost, misoprostol and sulprostone suggest it is not an EP 1 , EP 3 or IP receptor [ 2 3 ] . As demonstrated for the EP 2 receptor in other species [ 6 20 21 ] , butaprost free acid and AH 13205, two synthetic PG agonists with selectivity for the EP 2 subtype, efficiently and dose dependently compete for [ 3H] PGE 2 binding to this newly cloned rabbit receptor.

  • For example, cPLA 2 constructs with a S505A mutation have long been recognized as unable to support AA release in response to physiological agonists or low-dose ionophore when transfected in cells.

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