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  • Unfortunately, naive lymphocytes are not susceptible to infection with adenoviruses due to lack of detectable expression of a viral receptor, such as the coxsackie/adenovirus receptor (CAR), which is required for efficient viral attachment [ 8 9 10 ] . The CAR protein contains two extra-cellular immunoglobulin-like (Ig) domains, the first of which appears sufficient for binding to the adenoviral fiber knob protein [ 11 12 ] . Expression of either human or murine CAR in various cell lines has been shown to facilitate gene transfer by recombinant human adenoviruses [ 8 9 10 13 ] . Stable transfection of transformed murine B and T cells lines with human CAR (hCAR) lacking its cytoplasmic domain rendered them susceptible to adenoviral transfection, establishing that lymphoid cells can be permissive hosts for adenoviral transduction and demonstrating that the cytoplasmic domain of CAR is not required for viral entry [ 13 ] . More recently, mice transgenic for full length [ 14 ] or truncated hCAR [ 15 ] have been described in which adenoviral transduction of primary lymphocytes has been demonstrated.

  • = 1 viral particle/pituitary cell) and ranged from about 2% (no adenovirus) to 99.

  • Recombinant adenovirus vectors were generated in PER.C6™ cells by homologous recombination between an adapter plasmid (pAdapt) and the E1 deleted Ad 5 DNA plasmid as described elsewhere [ 23 ] . As a result of the absence of sequence overlap between the Adapt plasmid and the Ad5 E1 sequences integrated into the genome of PER.C6, the vector stocks used in this study did not contain replicative competent adenovirus (RCA) [ 25 ] . All vectors were produced on PER.C6™ using standard procedures [ 25 ] . Infectious units (iu)/ml were determined by end point cytopathogenic effect (CPE) assay on 911 cells [ 26 ] . Viral particles were determined by HPLC [ 27 ] . The particle to infectious unit ratio was always lower than 5.

  • Measles virus was the first infectious agent shown to induce TRAIL production [ 36 ] . Other studies have demonstrated induction of TRAIL by Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus (TMEV) in M1-D cells (a myelomonocytic precursor cell line) [ 37 ] , reovirus infection in fibroblasts [ 38 ] , HIV-1 infection in CD4 +T cells [ 39 ] , and adenovirus in 239T cells [ 40 ] . The demonstration of caspase-8 involvement in S. aureus -induced apoptosis is complemented by a recent report from our laboratory that S. aureus induces expression of TRAIL by infected osteoblasts [ 41 ] . We reported that S. aureus strongly induces TRAIL expression by both normal mouse and normal human osteoblasts, while mRNAs encoding the death-domain-containing TRAIL receptors are constitutively expressed in the same cells.

  • Run times vary from 1 minute and 21 seconds for a set of five adenovirus genomes ( ca. 35 kb) to 40 minutes for a set of five poxvirus genomes ( ca. 250 kb).

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