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  • Yiddish is especially versatile in describing those poor souls who inhabit the world of the ineffectual, and each is assigned a distinct place in the gallery of pathetic types: schmo, schmendrik, schnook, schmegegge, schlep, schlub, schmuck, putz, klutz, kvetch , and nudnik . Yiddish easily coins new names for new personalities: a nudnik is a `pest'; a phudnik is a `nudnik with a Ph.D.' The rich nuances that suffuse this roll call are seen in the timeless distinction between a schlemiel `clumsy jerk' and a schlimazel `habitual loser': the schlemiel inevitably trips and spills his hot soup—all over the schlimazel.

  • As for schnoz , it does sound Yiddish, there does exist a verb schneitzen `to blow one's nose,' and the shn - combination does connote something to do with the nose; but there is no word shnozzle in Yiddish, only noz or, in the alternate dialect, nuz . Phudnik is not a Yiddish word but was clearly formed on the Yiddish root -nik , which also occurs in Slavic.

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