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  • Although speculative, it is tempting to propose that HPT and HGEC may be early targets of Stx-1 and that this could play a role in the pathophysiologic processes that characterize renal injury in HUS.

  • Of note, these experiments were performed using a total fatty acid:BSA ratio of 6.6:1, in order to closely model pathophysiologic states in which unbound FFA concentration is high [27].

  • Because the expression of COX-2 is associated with key pathophysiologic event(s) in Alzheimer's disease [ 53 54 55 ] , the significant increase in COX-2 expression in the frontal cortex may be relevant to the cognitive decline seen in the Phyto-600 males.

  • Sacco and Moghissi detected zona pellucida antibodies in both men and women by indirect immunofluorescence, but they used porcine rather than primate zonae pellicidae [ 27 ] . Normal animal and human serum are known to contain a wide range of low-titer autoantibodies that have been termed "natural autoantibodies" [ 28 ] . Even B cells from newborn mice and human cord blood produce these natural autoantibodies [ 29 30 31 ] . The low titer ovarian antibodies that we demonstrate here in the serum of normal women are likely natural autoantibodies, and not antibodies with any pathophysiologic significance.

  • Failure to consider the underlying pathophysiologic mechanism when searching for polymorphisms associated with stroke might result in mistaking association for causation [ 2 ] . We studied genes related to thrombosis because the importance of thrombosis in acute ischemic stroke has been established conclusively in numerous clinical trials of treatment and prevention [ 3 4 5 6 7 8 ] . We focused on genetic variations in the fibrinogen gene cluster because of the efficacy of fibrinolytic agents in the acute treatment of ischemic stroke.

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