Example sentences for: overexpression

How can you use “overexpression” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Exogenous BMP7 enhances dendrite but not axon growth in embryonic rat sympathetic neurons [ 54 ] and hippocampal neurons [ 55 ] . Overexpression studies suggest a link between Bmp4 and axonal targeting of ganglion cells.

  • These data also suggest that PTHrP signaling [ 34 35 36 ] is only moderately affected by overexpression of Hoxc-8.

  • Recently genetic methods have been developed that allow for the efficient overexpression of random genes in Drosophila . P type transposable elements have been engineered to have transcriptional promoters directed out through the end of the element [ 31, 32].

  • Aside from its well-characterized role in protein folding [ 66 ] , Hsp70 is known to associate with the GR in the cytoplasm, where it promotes formation of a heterocomplex between the inactive GR and Hsp90 [ 67 ] . In addition, Hsp70 becomes concentrated in the nucleus when cells are exposed to environmental stress [ 68 ] . Of particular note, the nuclear accumulation of the Hsp70, Ssa4p, in response to nutrient deprivation in yeast appears to occur by a novel mechanism that involves its direct interaction with Mmd5p, a member of the importin-β family [ 69 ] . A role for Rab24 in nuclear trafficking would be unanticipated, since the only GTPase known to function in nuclear import/export (Ran) is structurally distinct from the Rab subgroup of the Ras superfamily [ 70 71 ] . Nevertheless, we can speculate that if Rab24 participates in a stress-induced pathway for nuclear import of Hsp70 in mammalian cells, the constitutive overexpression of Rab24(D123I) might stimulate aberrant accumulation of Hsp70/importin-β aggregates at the nuclear pore complex.

  • Several possible mechanisms have been suggested to explain this activation of AR, including mutations in the gene encoding AR that alter the specificity for androgens, overexpression of the AR protein itself, cross-talk to other signal transduction pathways, and altered levels or activity of coactivators [ 21 22 23 ] . Several groups including ours have demonstrated a role of activated Stat3 in the proliferation and survival of prostate cancer cells by a mechanism that involves the AR [ 24 25 26 27 28 ] .

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