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How can you use “overexpressed” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Similarly, β-TRCP1 and 2, which target IκBα for degradation as homooligomers, form heterooligomers that each bind SCF core subunits, although no biochemical activity for this heterooligomeric complex was demonstrated [ 29 ] . Finally, Pop1p and Pop2p homooligomerize, at least when overexpressed [ 18 ] , indicating that both F-box proteins may also be present as homooligomers in individual SCF Pop1pand SCF Pop2p, respectively.

  • Overexpressed WOX1 alone mediates apoptosis independently of p53 [ 10 ] . However, p53 apoptosis requires the participation of WOX1.

  • Amino acid substitutions in the N(T)KxD motif cause a drastic reduction in the affinity of Ras-related GTPases for guanine nucleotides [ 35 36 ] . When overexpressed in cultured cells, these mutant GTPases function as dominant-suppressors of their endogenous counterparts [ 26 27 31 ] , presumably because they can compete for interaction with effectors, exchange factors or docking proteins, but cannot cycle on and off membranes in a nucleotide-dependent manner.

  • Similar effects of PG E 2 on cell morphology have recently been reported in the human embryonic kidney cell line HEK 293, which overexpressed COX-2 and PG E 2 synthase [ 35].

  • To explore potential roles for Cul1 in cell cycle control in D. melanogaster , we overexpressed mouse Cul1 (mCul1) in the wing imaginal disc and found that this overexpression has a dominant negative effect leading to a reduction in SCF function.

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