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  • Fragility may be increased in the adrenalectomy group as evidenced by broken mineralized bone at the growth plate, presumably due to osteopenia combined with handling post mortem.

  • Previously, studies of phenotypes in this laboratory have shown that SPARC-null mice develop osteopenia around 2.5 months of age [ 19 ] in bones where SPARC is normally the most abundant non-collagenous glycoprotein [ 3 ] . The second phenotype thus far uncovered is in the lens where SPARC is normally produced by lens epithelial cells [ 20 21 ] and is a component of the lens capsule [ 20 22 ] . SPARC-null mice show progressive cataract formation beginning approximately 1.5 months after birth [ 14 21 ] . Electron microscopy of the SPARC-null lens revealed abnormality at the lens cell-ECM (capsule) interface with an intrusion of cellular processes into the basement membrane of the lens capsule, whereas wild-type lens exhibited a precise border at the cell-matrix interface [ 23 ] . In the present study, we show for the first time that SPARC plays a role in wound repair in vivo and in vitro.

  • The presence of growth retardation [ 17 ] , osteopenia [ 18 ] , and gastrointestinal abnormalities, however, suggest a potentially important role for MeCP2's function in the peripheral and autonomous nervous system and in other tissues.

  • In particular, LIFR null mutation remains a neonatal lethal with associated osteopenia and an absence of glial cells in late gestation, as described below.

  • Maternal adrenalectomy worsens the osteopenia, while maternal hormone suppression through RU486 improves the presumed GC related phenotypes: osteopenia, skeletal muscle integrity and glial development.

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