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  • In addition to the binding sites for natural or endogenous agonists (orthosteric sites), many GPCRs have also been found to have allosteric sites [ 35 ] . These sites can bind natural ligands, as in the case of Zn ions and heparin for the dopamine and neurokinin receptors, respectively, or bind synthetic drugs such gallamine, in the case of the muscarinic receptors [ 35 ] . Binding of small molecules to these allosteric sites can modulate activity of a receptor without directly mimicking or competing out the interaction of ligands to the orthosteric sites.

  • This is in part because these channels regulate the cytoplasmic concentrations of K +, Ca 2+, and Na +ions [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ] . The diversity of voltage-gated K +channels and currents present in these "non-excitable" (non-muscle, non-nerve) cells is impressive.

  • Also, induced conformation changes may determine which metabolites (possibly including ions) pass through, providing additional flexibility and diversity.

  • As a consequence of a passive leak of calcium ions across the ER membrane into the cytoplasm, the store becomes depleted and a transient elevation in the cytoplasmic calcium concentration occurs.

  • These estimates are in excellent agreement with the crystallographically determined secondary structure of ~40% α-helix and 30% β-structure [ 37 ] . Metal analyses on multiple preparations of wild-type L1 demonstrated that the enzyme binds 1.9 ± 0.2 Zn(II) ions per monomer (Table 2), in agreement with previous results [ 36 ] .

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