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How can you use “ions” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The reactions contained 100 ng template DNA, 40 pmoles of primer, 2.5 mM Mg 2+ions, 200 μM each dNTP, 0.3 U Taq DNA polymerase in 1× assay buffer in a final volume of 25 μl.

  • Metal analyses of the mutants showed that both bind nearly two Zn(II) ions (Table 2), like wild-type L1 [ 36 ] , and CD spectra of the mutants were similar to those of wild-type L1.

  • Absence of sodium ions following the ion exchange was confirmed by flame-photometry.

  • Lying between the fifth transmembrane domain and the P-loop, this region contributes to the extracellular vestibule of the ion-conducting pore [ 26 ] . The vestibules of ion channels are thought to influence the permeation of ions [ 27 28 ] and in CNG channels it has been reported that elimination of the N-glycosylation site (which is in an analogous position between S5 and the P-loop) can induce changes in the apparent half-blocking constants for extracellular and intracellular Mg 2+ [ 29 ] .

  • Examples of donor-acceptor combinations might include: simple sugars and/or amino acids or other organic molecules in the presence of oxygen or nitrate (organisms capable of heterotrophic respiration), hydrogen and ferric ions or oxidized iron minerals (chemoautotrophic hydrogen oxidizers), organic acids and ferric ions or oxidized iron minerals (heterotrophic iron reducers), bicarbonate/carbonate and trace minerals in the presence and absence of light (photosynthetic organisms), carbon dioxide and a reduced metal such as ferrous ions (chemoautotrophs), ammonium ion and bicarbonate/carbonate (ammonia oxidizers), etc.

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