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  • Some reports indicate that DNA-PK is required for the activation of p53 [ 42], but recent genetic studies have shown clearly that DNA-PK is not required for p53 activation by Ionizing Radiation [ 43].

  • In response to DNA damage agents such as ionizing irradiation and chemical agent cisplatin, ATM kinase is activated, leading to a cascade of kinase reactions regulating cell cycle, apoptosis, and DNA damage repair [ 14 15 ] . Many downstream target molecules of ATM kinase were so far identified.

  • However, when cells were exposed to Ionizing Radiation, GSK3β kinase activity was inhibited rather than enhanced, implying decreased GSK3β-dependent phosphorylation of p53 after DNA damage.

  • APEs are essential for mammalian cell growth and bacterial survival in the presence of ionizing radiation and DNA mutagens [ 6 ] . They initiate repair of an abasic DNA site by cleaving the phosphodiester backbone 5' of the phosphodeoxyribose.

  • In response to DNA damage induced by ionizing radiation or chemical agents such as cisplatin, ATM kinase is activated and phosphorylates a number of downstream regulatory proteins important for cell cycle arrest, growth control, apoptosis and DNA repair [ 25 26 27 28 ] . AT patients are known to be predisposed to a variety of cancers, and the fibroblasts of AT patients are hypersensitive to ionizing radiation [ 29 ] . Although many reports showed the association of ATM mutation with risk of a number of different human malignancies, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia and mantle cell lymphoma, the underlying molecular mechanism by which ATM gene causes these changes are not well understood [ 30 31 32 33 34 35 ] . There is so far no study showing the association of ATM gene with any solid tumor.

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