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How can you use “differentiate” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Furthermore, an upper limit of lesion volume at enrollment would permit an opportunity for lesion growth and may better differentiate the effect on lesion size of an effective treatment from placebo.

  • However, due to the cost of repeating microarray experiments, the number of replicates usually remains low, leading to inaccurate estimates of variance [ 8 ] . Furthermore, due to the low number of replicates, the power of these "gene-by-gene" statistical tests to differentiate between regulated and non-regulated genes also remains very low.

  • This store develops from primordial germ cells, a small population of cells that differentiate from other cell lineages in very early embryonic life.

  • These observations led to the formulation of a “default” model of neural induction (Weinstein and Hemmati-Brivanlou 1997), which states that ectodermal cells will differentiate along a neural pathway unless induced to a different fate.

  • Among the intrinsic factors underlying asymmetric division, the interactions of the Numb differentiation-associated protein with Notch proliferation-associated signaling is the model most widely studied, ranging from bacteria, yeast, and Drosophila to mammals [ 30 ] . When the neuronal progenitor cells undergo asymmetric division (20% in neuronal tissue cell culture) they produce neuronal daughter cells to which Numb protein segregates preferentially, and such daughter cells show an enhanced differentiation of neuronal processes [ 45 ] . Interestingly, Numb is firstly associated with one pole of the plasma membrane of a dividing cell, and subsequently with one of the two resulting nuclei [ 29 45 ] . Our study indicates that preservation of nuclear ERα in one of two postmitotic cells is associated with the ability of CT to replicate and diminution of ERα and appearance of nuclear ERβ dictates a generation of a daughter cell that is committed to differentiate (Fig.

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