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  • Some archaeal species, including Thermoplasma and Halobacterium, have the bacterial-type DHPS, which was probably acquired by horizontal gene transfer and displaced the original archaeal version.

  • It was acknowledged that MJ0107 (a member of COG0294) could be identified as a possible homolog of DHPS by sequence-based methods, and this protein was assayed for dihydropteroate synthase activity, but none was detected [ 25].

  • Although it has been indicated that no DHPS could be detected in archaeal genomes [ 25], orthologs of bacterial DHPS are readily identifiable in all archaea; this enzyme is missing only in animals and in several intracellular bacterial pathogens, such as Rickettsia prowazekii, spirochetes and mycoplasmas (COG0294 in the database of Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins (COGs)) [ 26].

  • In contrast, DHPS activity (albeit relatively low) was shown in vitro for the partially purified MJ0301 protein [ 25].

  • Despite the relatively low sequence similarity to bacterial DHPS, all archaeal orthologs have the conserved catalytic residues identified in DHPS (Figure 2) and are confidently predicted, by the hybrid-fold-recognition method, to assume the same fold as DHPS from Pneumocystis carinii and Staphylococcus aureus whose crystal structures have been determined.

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