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  • An alternative mechanism for the formation of inclusion bodies in protein conformation disorders is suggested by a recent study showing that clearance of poly-Gln and poly-Ala inclusions is accelerated by compounds like rapamycin, which stimulate protein degradation by autophagy [ 64 ] . Along similar lines, the work of Kegel et al . [ 65 ] hints that poly-Gln huntingtin may be degraded mainly in autophagic vacuoles containing lysosomal proteases.

  • Under these conditions the receptor is ubiquitinated and degraded.

  • RNA interference (RNAi), mediated by short interfering double-stranded RNA molecules (siRNA or dsRNA), is now recognized as a major mechanism of post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) in essentially all eukaryotes [ 16 ] . Recently, the technique has been successfully applied to cultured mammalian cells, whereby introduction of 21-nucleotide long synthetic dsRNA molecules corresponding to specific mRNA sequences effectively and specifically degraded the cognate mRNAs and abrogated the expression of the corresponding proteins [ 17 18 ] . This prompted us to test a similar approach to knockdown PfPP1 function in the erythrocytic P. falciparum stages.

  • Removal of the TPR domain of PP5 by limited proteolysis increases enzyme activity and the TPR domain binds lipid [ 7 8 9 19 20 ] . Using conditions similar to those employed with PP5, digestion of Ppt1p with trypsin in the absence of lipid produced a 44 kDa catalytic fragment that was stable for at least 30 min and a 20 kDa fragment that was degraded within 30 min (Fig.

  • There were two degraded bacilli per 25 fields at 24 hour postinfection and 12 degraded bacilli per 13 fields at 72 hours postinfection.

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