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How can you use “degraded” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In addition, the use of proteasome inhibitors (Figures 7and 9) suggest that sα i2 is degraded by a proteasome pathway.

  • Looking more generally at attempts to evaluate [GAG] recovery in IL-1-degraded cartilage, our data are consistent with the temporal progression seen in other model systems in which recovery occurs and is measurable within the first few weeks after a [GAG]-depleting intervention.

  • RNA interference (RNAi), mediated by short interfering double-stranded RNA molecules (siRNA or dsRNA), is now recognized as a major mechanism of post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) in essentially all eukaryotes [ 16 ] . Recently, the technique has been successfully applied to cultured mammalian cells, whereby introduction of 21-nucleotide long synthetic dsRNA molecules corresponding to specific mRNA sequences effectively and specifically degraded the cognate mRNAs and abrogated the expression of the corresponding proteins [ 17 18 ] . This prompted us to test a similar approach to knockdown PfPP1 function in the erythrocytic P. falciparum stages.

  • As more and more biologists come to appreciate the unique ability of aDNA to probe the evolutionary process, it is more important than ever to stress the immense challenges of working with just a few fragments of degraded DNA that might have come from several different sources.

  • However, a mixture of dodecane and hexadecane was not degraded in the ferrate(VI)-soil mixture (Figure 2).

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