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  • Looking more generally at attempts to evaluate [GAG] recovery in IL-1-degraded cartilage, our data are consistent with the temporal progression seen in other model systems in which recovery occurs and is measurable within the first few weeks after a [GAG]-depleting intervention.

  • In identifying targets for therapeutic intervention, it is important to note that the loss of collagen, rather than proteoglycan, is correlated with disease severity [ 6 ] . Furthermore, whereas lost proteoglycan is replaced rapidly, degraded collagen is resynthesized very slowly [ 7 8 ] . Consequently, understanding collagen degradation and providing therapeutics to prevent it are valuable aims.

  • In the present study we demonstrated that chondrocytes, in a matrix degraded by IL-1 exposure, partially replenished the GAG, and the most severely degraded regions replenished less fully than did other regions.

  • Game and his colleagues have developed a sensitive means of detecting chromosomal ds breakage using a circular chromosome [ 3 ] . Under most conditions of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, a circular yeast chromosome and circular bacterial chromosomes will not enter the gel, very likely because they are trapped by the branches of the network of agarose [ 3 13 14 ] . One double-strand break transforms this circular form into a linear form, which can now move slowly in the gel [ 3 ] . We used this procedure to detect double-strand breakage of a circular bacterial chromosome occurring spontaneously or after loss of a restriction-modification gene complex [ 15 16 ] . We found increased chromosome breakage in recBC -null and recC1002 mutants of E. coli under both conditions [ 1 ] . Michel and her colleagues used pulsed-field gel electrophoresis to detect degraded chromosomal DNAs arising spontaneously in recBC mutants and arising during replication fork arrest [ 2 ] . RuvABC proteins, which catalyze migration and cleavage of Holliday junctions, are responsible for the occurrence of the degraded DNAs following replication fork arrests [ 17 ] .

  • The 44 kDa species, probably a partially degraded form from LHR turnover [ 18 ] , was observed in placental cultures (lanes 9-13) and pelvic floor compartments (lanes 14-16).

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