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  • Lastly, 35S-methionine pulse-chase labeling studies directly confirmed that sα i2 was more rapidly degraded than α i2 (Figure 10).

  • However, an increased percentage of degraded mycobacterial forms was observed over time.

  • Back in 1931, however, when Bodenheim was coming into his own as a literary maverick, New York publisher Horace Liveright issued his novel— Naked on Roller Skates . The title is a grabber, but the book itself would be anathema to feminists since it features a heroine who wishes to be beaten and degraded:

  • Consistent with this idea, E2F overproduction can induce apoptosis [ 12 ] [ 13 ] . Furthermore, cell cycle specific destruction of E2F was suggested by the finding that E2F protein becomes undetectable in the synchronised S phase cells of the morphogenetic furrow of the eye imaginal disc [ 12 ] . Our double labelling analysis extended this finding to the asynchronously cycling cells of the wing imaginal disc and demonstrated that E2F is rapidly degraded prior to significant DNA replication.

  • RNA interference (RNAi), mediated by short interfering double-stranded RNA molecules (siRNA or dsRNA), is now recognized as a major mechanism of post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) in essentially all eukaryotes [ 16 ] . Recently, the technique has been successfully applied to cultured mammalian cells, whereby introduction of 21-nucleotide long synthetic dsRNA molecules corresponding to specific mRNA sequences effectively and specifically degraded the cognate mRNAs and abrogated the expression of the corresponding proteins [ 17 18 ] . This prompted us to test a similar approach to knockdown PfPP1 function in the erythrocytic P. falciparum stages.

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