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  • In S. cerevisiae , disassembly of the RENT complex and the subsequent release of Cdc14 from the nucleolus drive cells to exit mitosis [ 8 9 ] . This event is thought to require two independent signals: an unknown mitosis-specific signal and a signal from the mitotic exit network (MEN) proteins including Tem1, Cdc15, and Dbf2 [ 8 9 ] . The Polo-like kinase Cdc5 also belongs to the MEN, thus we tested whether it too is required for release of Cdc14 from the nucleolus by using indirect immunofluorescence to compare Cdc14 localization patterns in wild type and cdc5-1 cells.

  • Cdc5 presumably impinges on the MEN by other means as well, because Cdc5 is required for maximal Dbf2 protein kinase activity even in the absence of Bfa1's obligate partner Bub2 [ 18 ] . Once activated, the MEN in turn sustains the transient Cdc14 release enabled by Cdc5 and other FEAR pathway components.

  • The AGC VIII (flowering plant PVPK1 protein kinase homology) subfamily was also not represented in humans, although the DBF2/DBF20 branch contains members that are approximately 30% identical to plant AGC VIII subfamily members.

  • Cdc5 is required for full activation of the Dbf2-Mob1 protein kinase complex [ 15 16 17 ] , and has been proposed to impinge on the MEN both upstream and downstream of Tem1 [ 15 16 17 18 ] . During exit from mitosis, Cdc5 is required for Clb2 destruction, and similar to over-expression of Cdc14 [ 3 ] , induction of Cdc5 triggers precocious Clb2 degradation in pre-anaphase cells [ 19 20 ] . In addition to its role in exit from mitosis, Cdc5 has other functions during mitosis in budding yeast.

  • To evaluate whether the net1(7m) and net1(19m') phosphosite mutants have an impact on FEAR, we analyzed Cdc14 localization in synchronous populations of dbf2-1 , net1(7m) dbf2-1, and net1(19m') dbf2-1 cells following release from an α-factor block in G1 phase at 25°C to α-factor-free medium prewarmed to 37°C (nonpermissive temperature for dbf2-1 ). As shown in Figure 6D, the percentage of cells that completely released Cdc14 during early anaphase (spindle length 0-8 μm) was reduced by ~50% in net1(7m) and ~25% in net1(19m') cells compared with wild-type cells.

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