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  • , submitted), Mob1 binds an essential protein kinase involved in spindle pole body duplication [ 27 ] , and Tem1, Cdc15, Dbf2, and Mob1 have all been implicated in cytokinesis ( [ 28 29 30 31 ] ; reviewed in [ 1 ] . The tab mutants provide a unique opportunity to address this issue.

  • net1-1 allele suppressed ts mutations in both its downstream target CDC14 and its upstream regulators CDC5, CDC15, and DBF2 (Figure 4B).

  • They encode the GTP-binding protein Tem1 and its putative guanine nucleotide releasing factor Lte1, the dual specificity protein phosphatase Cdc14, protein kinases Cdc5, Cdc15, and Dbf2/Dbf20, the Dbf2-binding protein Mob1 (reviewed in [ 4 ] ) and the spindle-pole-body component Nud1 [ 5 ] . Conditional-lethal temperature sensitive (ts) mutations in any of the MEN genes cause cells to arrest in late mitosis with elevated mitotic Cdk activity when shifted to the restrictive temperature.

  • net1 tab 2-1bypassed cdc15Δ, tem1Δ, dbf2Δ dbf20Δ, mob1Δ, but not cdc14Δ (Figure 4A; [ 15 ] ). In addition, it bypassed cdc5Δ with negligible (1000-10,000 fold lower) efficiency (Fig.

  • The mechanisms by which Cdc5 and Dbf2/Mob1 promote the disassembly of RENT remain unknown, raising the possibility that other Tab proteins serve as intermediaries in this process.

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