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  • They encode the GTP-binding protein Tem1 and its putative guanine nucleotide releasing factor Lte1, the dual specificity protein phosphatase Cdc14, protein kinases Cdc5, Cdc15, and Dbf2/Dbf20, the Dbf2-binding protein Mob1 (reviewed in [ 4 ] ) and the spindle-pole-body component Nud1 [ 5 ] . Conditional-lethal temperature sensitive (ts) mutations in any of the MEN genes cause cells to arrest in late mitosis with elevated mitotic Cdk activity when shifted to the restrictive temperature.

  • , submitted), Mob1 binds an essential protein kinase involved in spindle pole body duplication [ 27 ] , and Tem1, Cdc15, Dbf2, and Mob1 have all been implicated in cytokinesis ( [ 28 29 30 31 ] ; reviewed in [ 1 ] . The tab mutants provide a unique opportunity to address this issue.

  • dbf2Δ [ 22 7 ] . To address if production of new proteins is essential for exit from mitosis, we examined the effects of the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide on Clb2 degradation, a key aspect of this process.

  • To evaluate whether the net1(7m) and net1(19m') phosphosite mutants have an impact on FEAR, we analyzed Cdc14 localization in synchronous populations of dbf2-1 , net1(7m) dbf2-1, and net1(19m') dbf2-1 cells following release from an α-factor block in G1 phase at 25°C to α-factor-free medium prewarmed to 37°C (nonpermissive temperature for dbf2-1 ). As shown in Figure 6D, the percentage of cells that completely released Cdc14 during early anaphase (spindle length 0-8 μm) was reduced by ~50% in net1(7m) and ~25% in net1(19m') cells compared with wild-type cells.

  • Cdc15, Dbf2, and Mob1 are not properly localized to the spindle pole body in a significant fraction of cdc5-1 cells [ 30 31 17 ] , and Dbf2/Mob1 protein kinase activity is diminished in cdc5 cells [ 15 16 17 ] , suggesting that at least one function of Cdc5 is to generate maximally active Dbf2/Mob1, which can then trigger Cdc14 release.

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