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  • This domain adopts the DPBB fold, in which the signature DbDGD motif, shared by RDRP and DDRP, is ensconced in the insert between the ultimate and penultimate β-strands.

  • The high-scoring segment pairs (HSPs) detected in these searches aligned the highly conserved region of the RDRPs between the predicted strands 18 and 20, including the DbDGD motif, with the portion of the DDRP β' subunit sequence, which contains the metal-chelating active site, with a similar conserved motif, DxDGD.

  • One of these corresponds to the catalytic, metal-coordinating domain, containing the DbDGD motif, in the β' subunit (residues: 626-750 of pdb id:1iw7 chain D), whereas the other one corresponds to the conserved core domain of the β subunit (residues:673-994 of pdb id: 1iw7 chain C).

  • In addition to the DbDGD motif, which is located in the loop between strands 5 and 6, several residues are conserved between these polymerase families (Fig.

  • Taken together, these observations suggest that, although RDRPs and the β' subunits of DDRPs show limited sequence similarity, these two RNA polymerase families share a homologous catalytic domain, which consists of a double-psi-β-barrel containing the metal-coordinating DbDGD motif.

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