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  • T-box gene 3 ( TBX3 ) was expressed at higher levels in the fibroblasts from genital skin, extragenital skin or prostate from males than in genital skin fibroblasts from AIS 46,XY females (Figure 2).

  • We hypothesized that the AR-dependent mesenchymal programs underlying male external genitalia development might be illuminated by comparing the transcriptional profile of mesenchyme-derived stromal cells from normal males to those from individuals affected with AIS.

  • As cultured genital fibroblasts originate from the urogenital mesenchyme and retain expression of the AR in vitro , we compared gene-expression patterns in cultured genital fibroblasts from normal 46,XY males and from 46,XY females with severe or complete AIS, using DNA microarrays representing 32,968 distinct human genes.

  • In addition to the 14 genital-skin fibroblast lines used to generate the SAM list, we included five gonadal fibroblast lines from 46,XY females with complete AIS, a prostate fibroblast cell line from a normal male (analyzed twice), abdominal skin fibroblasts from a normal male, forearm fibroblasts from a normal male, and genital fibroblasts from two AIS 46,XY females who had documented AR mosaicism (ARD364, ARD 465, Table 1).

  • Several genes expressed specifically in the normal male foreskin fibroblasts have been previously implicated in male genital development, including HOXA13 , the T-box genes, BMP4 and DWnt2 . Mutations in HOXA13 can cause distal limb and urogenital-tract malformations such as male hypospadias in hand-foot-genital syndrome [ 21 ] . T-box genes ( TBX ) are essential early regulators of limb development and also appear to be involved in male genital development [ 22 23 ] . Mutations in TBX3 cause the ulnar-mammary syndrome characterized by limb, apocrine, and genital developmental abnormalities [ 23 ] . Expression of T-box genes 2, 3, and 5 was significantly higher in normal male foreskin fibroblasts than in AIS genital fibroblasts.

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