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  • Together, the fungal spliceosomal data set included 49 different introns at the following sites (the species from which they were isolated and GenBank accession numbers, where available, are also shown): SSU rRNA - 265 ( Arthroraphis citrinella , AF279375), 297 ( Anaptychia runcinata , AJ421692), 298 ( Physconia perisidiosa , AJ421689), 299 ( Roccella canariensis , AF110342), 300 ( Rhynchostoma minutum , AF242268), 330 ( Stereocaulon paschale , AF279412), 331 ( Physconia perisidiosa , AJ421689), 332 ( Pyrenula cruenta , AF279406), 333 (

  • Along this line, BLAST searches in bacteria databases disclosed, in one incompletely sequenced bacterial genome ( Paenibacillus azotofixans ), an open reading frame (nt 3822 to 4583 in the AJ299453 genomic clone) which contains almost all and displays significant similarity with the yCCR4 C-terminal region, but does not contain a LRR nor a N-terminal domain.

  • The SSU 674 site ( Physconia detersa , AJ240495), for example, only included 10 nt of the 5' and 3' region in the GenBank accession [ 11 ] . All fungal and diatom intron sites were, however, mapped on the conservation diagrams to understand their distribution (see below).

  • Consistent with these findings, we found five proteins previously associated with this process, pf-actinI (M19146), pf-myoA (AF255909), and merozoite cap protein-1 (U14189), and two subtilisin-like proteases (PfSUB1 and PfSUB2 (AJ132422)) differentially enriched in schizonts.

  • Here, we describe the effect of coactivator proteins SRC-1 (Acc# AJ000882, U90661, Table 1) and p300 (Acc# U01877, Table 3), and their relation to differentiation genes such as retinoic acid receptor (RAR/PML, Acc#: X06614, Table 1), and Leptin receptor variant (Acc#: U66496, Table 1); all of which are down-regulated in Tat expressing cells (Figure 5).

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