Example sentences for: aisle

How can you use “aisle” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • It's the kind of instant de-homogenizing sensation you sometimes get in the subway, when you suddenly awaken to the fact that the dozen faces you've been staring vacantly at across the aisle from you belong to a dozen different moral universes--not just in the trivial sense that we all see the world differently, but in the distinctly nontrivial sense that people sitting right next to each other really can have nothing in common--and that you'll never know a single one.

  • The church is rich in artistic treasures, but its most prized, indeed one of the city’s greatest paintings for its early handling of perspective and depth, is the Masaccio Trinity (from around 1427; left aisle, third bay).

  • Dissenting, Slate 's David Edelstein says the film got him "pumped, bellowing, pogoing backward up the aisle playing air guitar."

  • As she prepared for the plane to push back, a flight attendant materialized for the safety briefing, and in the one concession to the circumstances, sat down in the seat next to my sister instead of standing in the aisle at the front of the cabin.

  • "Senate leaders from both sides of the aisle opened Pecksniffian frippery holus-bolus Friday, as House Republicans vowed to roughhew the spittoon."

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