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How can you use “adverbs” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Would Mellinkoff banish such useful words as heretofore, theretofore, hereto, and therefor ? Would we abandon the subjunctive mood, adverbs, Latin idioms, bon mots, and the like?

  • A carelessness about inflection in Pepys's day is shown above with the examples of the objective I and who . Rarer back then was the use of whole phrases as single words as, for instance: to quickly and efficiently do this job, where the verb and two adverbs are treated together as a so-called split infinitive marked by to, instead of the prescribed to do this job quickly and efficiently, where only do is the infinitive marked as such by to and modified by two adverbs.

  • (I notice another Starr tic: He uses adverbs to drag everything out.

  • Good advice is given about hyphens and adverbs ending in -ly preceding adjectives: were I being pernickety, I should say that the word modifier is not necessarily applied only to words that precede a noun, and that the rules change when a modifier is in apositive or predicative position, as in a well-known man vs. a man well known for his generosity .

  • I should not like to have to face the task of listing all the adverbs that might be used with the verb run , even if it is restricted to cars: smoothly, quietly, silently, uninterruptedly, fitfully, intermittently, efficiently, well, faultlessly, beautifully, perfectly, poorly, badly, sluggishly, economically, swiftly, rapidly, quickly --and then one must be prepared to add the multi-word phrasal modifiers, like without a hitch, as if it would never stop, like a clock, like clockwork , etc.

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