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How can you use “adverbs” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In the usual meanings of positives, comparatives, and superlatives of English adjectives the gradations are taken to mean “--,” “-er/more --,” and “-est/most --,” the latter being the adverbs normally used to distinguish the comparatives and superlatives of polysyllabic words.

  • Good advice is given about hyphens and adverbs ending in -ly preceding adjectives: were I being pernickety, I should say that the word modifier is not necessarily applied only to words that precede a noun, and that the rules change when a modifier is in apositive or predicative position, as in a well-known man vs. a man well known for his generosity .

  • Again and again one hears local and national broadcasters according an extra syllable to past participles as if the words were back-formed from adverbs, e.g., allegèd, assurèd, composèd, markèd, suffusèd, supposèd.

  • There are four appendices: Nautical Prepositions (many of which would be classed (also) as adverbs by a grammarian); Changed Spellings and Corrupted Word Forms; Nautical Terms Related to Human Anatomy; Nautical Terms Derived from the Land.

  • ; “George, your sentences are repetitious; try varying your sentence openings with introductory adverbs, phrases, or clauses.”

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