Example sentences for: adventures

How can you use “adventures” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • As a result of this news, which trickled out last week, Bellow risks being remembered not as the brilliant Nobel-laureate author of Herzog and The Adventures of Augie March , but as a Weekly World News curiosity.

  • A Che who, like any ordinary communist politician, had never killed anyone; a Che who had survived his guerrilla adventures, and was today an elderly figure, administering some grim bureaucracy for Fidel Castro or, alternatively, writing books at home in Argentina, surrounded by his anti-communist grandchildren--a Che like that would cause no stir at all today, and writers around the world would not be straining their brains to draw ever finer distinctions between the man's calamitous influence and some undefinable greatness.

  • Whose crazy adventures are recounted in comic books available in vending machines on the platforms of every Tokyo train station.

  • Defeat in World War I had shattered the rigid certainties of Berlin’s “Prussianness” and left the town open to radical adventures in social and artistic expression almost unimaginable in the older cultural capitals of Vienna, London, and Paris.

  • I would prefer the London Financial Times , which is the only decent newspaper in England (and I mean decent in many senses, since they do not show tits and bums or print gossip about the marital adventures of cabinet members), but it is too expensive to get here daily.

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