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How can you use “additionally” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Additionally, Oregon's workers' compensation system adopted a specific category for NRL glove reactions beginning in 1997, making this the first state analyzed with a code specifying reactions to NRL.

  • A variety of environmental small molecules, namely, nutrients, xenobiotics and first messengers are recognized by cells, with the help of specialized protein sensors on their surfaces [ 1 2 ] . Additionally cells also use protein-bound small molecules, such as FAD, cinnamic acid, tetrapyrroles and heme as sensors of photons and the ambient redox states [ 3 4 ] . Within cells, small molecules, such as cyclic nucleotides, are used as intracellular messengers to transduce signals arising from a variety of stimuli [ 1 2 ] . Over the past few years a combination of protein sequence analysis and biochemical studies have revealed several unifying principles that govern the recognition of small molecules by cells [ 4 5 6 7 8 9 ] . A significant component of small molecule-protein interactions is mediated via a relatively small set of ancient conserved protein domains that bind their ligands using specialized pockets [ 4 10 ] . Certain protein folds have given rise to several large superfamilies of ligand-binding domains.

  • Additionally, they found that the dominant rationale for the use of restraints in this population was patients disrupting their own treatment, rather than prevention of falls.

  • Resistance to polymyxin B is also imparted by the absence or masking of critical binding sites required for polycation-mediated permeabilization of the outer membrane [ 54 ] . Thus, attachment of polymyxin B to Yersinia enterocolitica is reduced by steric hindrance generated by the size and/or branched shape of the outer core region of its LPS macromolecule [ 55 ] . Additionally, resistance to cationic peptides can be due to cytoplasmic clearance of the antimicrobial peptide by an efflux pump; e.g., Yersinia resistance to polymyxin B caused by the RosA/RosB efflux pump/potassium antiporter [ 56 ] and Neisseria gonorrhoeae resistance to protegrin PG-1 via an energy-dependent efflux system termed mtr [ 57 ] .

  • Additionally, if cardiovascular risk subsides gradually upon smoking cessation, do vessel wall damage and pro-aggregatory cascades all completely reverse course upon cessation?

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