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How can you use “adding” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Our protocol overcomes this obstacle by adding 3' polyT tails to the ends of the DNA fragments for use in priming much like mRNA polyA tails.

  • , sports tickets and a crystal bowl) were trivial, adding up to just $35,000.

  • For those who are unfamiliar with computers and the need for a word-processing package, I should explain that when you buy what is fondly call a “personal” computer, you get three pieces of equipment (though they may be combined in some models or makes): a rectangular box with some slots in the front and sockets in the back, a monitor, which is nothing but a small TV set, and a keyboard, which looks like an ordinary typewriter keyboard but, in many models sold today, has a number of additional keys alongside those for the familiar alphanumeric characters: on mine, nestled among some control keys on the right side is what is called a “number pad,” which resembles the key arrangement one sees on a small adding machine or calculator; on the left side is a double bank of five keys marked “F1” through “F10” which, when pressed alone or in combination with another key, perform certain functions, some of which are useful, others of which are evidently thought useful by the manufacturer but which I never use.

  • Poppy was dutiful in pursuit of office, compiling the requisite experience almost mechanically, adding line after line to his résumé until America had no choice but to elect him president.

  • Adding the current annual replacement demand from worldwide installations to the projected annual replacement demand under the Clear Skies Act would yield a total of 17,600 - 20,600 m3/yr demand for replacement catalyst by 2005.

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