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How can you use “acidic” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Ma and Ptashne isolated a set of E. coli DNA fragments that, when fused to Gal4BD, promote transcription [ 11 ] . All (15/15) active sequences examined by the authors encode predicted polypeptides that are acidic, and a peptide as small as 12 amino acids was seen.

  • Interestingly, and in the same vein, the RecT proteins from Bacillus species contain a short C-terminal acidic module that is missing in other RecT proteins, but is highly similar to the C-terminal region of SSBs, particularly those from Gram-positive bacteria (data not shown).

  • In fact, the MHCKs are very likely to be highly regulated enzymes; previous studies have documented the in vitro regulation of MHCK A by autophosphorylation, myosin filaments, and acidic phospholipids [ 32 ] , and data presented here documents that MHCK C can also be regulated via autophosphorylation.

  • The N-terminal core region of high similarity between family members correlates to a region in nucleophosmin/B23 that has been shown to be involved in oligomerization as well as chaperone activity [ 44 ] . A central portion between nucleophosmin's two acidic domains is required for ribonuclease activity [ 44 ] ; this region does not have a corresponding domain in either NPM3 or nucleoplasmin, suggesting that these proteins would lack such activity.

  • In the context of the nucleus, acidic domains are often protein-protein interaction domains.

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