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How can you use “acidic” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Increased exposure to fluoridated water, and dentrifices associated with good gingival health, may result in fluoride inhibiting enamel remineralization at the acidic plaque pH likely present in high responders.

  • PEDF binding to cell-surface receptors was assayed using biologically active radioligand 125I-PEDF and Y-79 cells [ 18 ] by a widely-used method with a mechanism of retention of receptors on polyethylenimine-treated glass-fiber filters based mainly on ionic interactions [ 32 ] . Polyethylenimine binds strongly to glass, which is negatively charged and integral membrane proteins tend to be acidic.

  • The human sequence is three amino acids longer than that of the mouse; these additional residues lie in the acidic domain in the C-terminal portion of the protein.

  • However, CAP is not soluble at < pH 5.5 and would precipitate in a healthy human vaginal environment which is mildly acidic with a pH range of 3.5 - 4.5 [ 53 ] . The precipitate would have drastically reduced antiviral activity.

  • As part of this role, the function of the highly extended D/E-rich domain in midasin could be to interact with positively-charged nuclear protein substrates in a manner analogous to the acidic regions of the nuclear transport GTPase Ran [ 51 ] , the nuclear transporter Tpr [ 52 ] , and the chromatin remodeling proteins of the SWI/SNF family [ 53 ] . However, there are alternative possibilities that need to be considered.

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