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  • The N-terminal core region of high similarity between family members correlates to a region in nucleophosmin/B23 that has been shown to be involved in oligomerization as well as chaperone activity [ 44 ] . A central portion between nucleophosmin's two acidic domains is required for ribonuclease activity [ 44 ] ; this region does not have a corresponding domain in either NPM3 or nucleoplasmin, suggesting that these proteins would lack such activity.

  • The opossum alpha-2C adrenergic receptor has a very similar acidic serine motif (EESSTSE) in the third intracellular loop (Figure 1; [ 21 ] ), whereas the human alpha-2C receptor has a DESSAAAE sequence in the same region (Figure 2; [ 22 ] ). Thus, we postulated that the lack of down-regulation in the human alpha-2C was related to having only two rather than four serines in the motif, and furthermore that the ability of the opossum alpha-2C to undergo down-regulation was dependent on having all four serine/threonine residues in the EESSTSE motif.

  • Cell monolayers were washed and then incubated with 25 nM LysoTracker Red DND-99, at 37°C for 10 min, to label acidic lysosomes.

  • CAP in micronized form, providing an acidic environment, causes disintegration of HIV-1 leading to loss of infectivity (2).

  • Other studies have demonstrated that acidic activators can relieve nucleosomal repression and that the anti-repression function may be mediated by chromatin remodeling systems [ 39].

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